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Take two porn legends like Debi Diamond and Kylie Ireland and force
one of them to brutally abuse the other. Kylie will do everything
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Harmony's anal slave

Harmony's anal slave slut needs to train her new ass slave.
Anal whore Bella is willing to do anything to please her master,
even taking the enema nozzle up her butt.

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Bobbi Starr anal stretch Anal and vaginal fisting

Bobbi Starr anal stretched

In order to join the new club The Honeycomb you have to be willing to push your ass boundaries and expand your anal horizons.
Not just anybody can fit a 9-inch long, 3-inch wide shaped butt plug up her own ass. Bobbi Starr is the second one to audition
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Bobbi Star makes sure to gradually stretch her anal by inserting increasingly larger dildos before attempting the grand finale
the honeycomb itself. Even for a size-queen like Bobbi, the massive honeycomb is no easy feat.
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Anal and vaginal fisting

Aiden is back and takes control of Flower from the start of this squirt & enema drenched shoot. Watch how Flower becomes insatiable once Aiden starts her off on the path to anal & vaginal fisting, drenching the carpet & bed with copious squirt and finishing off with both girls giving themselves deep enemas.
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Deep Anal Action Enema BDSM

Deep anal action

Randy has some very special needs. He likes his woman pretty, cleaned out, stretched and ready for some heavy anal action. Amber Rayne will be that woman once I get through with her. She started off giving me some lip so I needed to "confine" her for Randy's inspection. Once given the go ahead, I get her ready by giving her a number of deep enemas and then stretching her anal cavity almost beyond comprehension. Once delivered, Amber warms up to Randy's cock and is begging for more toys & flesh shoved deep inside her ass.
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Enema BDSM

Enema Desires, Using bottles & plugs that don't belong to her, two Dominants catch her in the act. They instantly give her a crash course in deep, full enemas a gallon at a time. All the while she is made to service them while fighting to retain the water. Any loss and she will have to clean it up... with her tongue!
When she shows some promise in multi-tasking they decide to throat-fuck her mouth and abuse her clean asshole putting her to good use.
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